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Part 3: Executing Your Project


Now that you have chosen your Project it is time to make it happen! The first step is setting specific goals and objectives. The format of your goal will be:


Our goal is to ______(Project)_______ which will engage _______(Number)_______ people in order to make an impact on ______(Topic)_________.



  • Our goal is to create a video about the environment which will engage 50 people in order to convince others of the importance of protecting the environment.

  • Our goal is to make a website which will get 100 visitors in order to teach people about the importance of fighting racism.

  • Our goal is to start a fundraiser that will raise $250 for an organization that helps Tulsans experiencing homelessness find jobs.


Once you have a goal, you will want to set 3-5 objectives to help you determine if your impact project is successful. For example, if your goal is to teach people the importance of fighting racism, how will you know you were successful? You will have to ask people if they learned something new. For each objective, you will have to figure out how you will find out if you accomplished it. Usually that will be through a post-survey or reaching out and interviewing people that were involved in your project.


Example Objectives (and how to measure them):

  • 80% of people say they learned something new (survey question)

  • 50% of people say they will recommend this to a friend (survey question)

  • 100% of people who donated said that it made them feel good (interview)


Watch this video of Changemaker alumna Kaylie describing the objectives their team set and how they measured them:

Now that you have your Goals and Objectives it is time to make it happen! Doing something for the first or second time is hard. You can always reach out to for helpful tips and advice. Also, don’t forget to share your progress!

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