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Changemakers Leadership Council 

The Tulsa Changemakers Leadership Council is an intergenerational team of alumni, parents/guardians, and community leaders responsible for providing strategic direction to the Tulsa Changemakers organization, supporting alumni programs, and helping with other functions of the organization. This our Council will be guiding the direction of youth programs in three categories : social, learning, and doing. 

If you're interested in joining our Changemakers Leadership Council or learning more, contact Rachel Humphrey at


  • Ember Reyes, youth member 

  • Gracie Duhig, youth member 

  • Shahrukh Khalilbeak, youth member 

  • Sanlun Khup, youth member 

  • Sydney Holt, youth member 

  • Danna Jaramillo, youth member 

  • Kristina Marquez Esparza, youth member 

  • Saniaa Moore, youth member 

  • Komari Crisp, youth member 

  • Paris Bedford, youth member 

  • Taryn Heck, youth member 

  • Gavin Ball, youth member 

  • Abigail Chow, youth member 

  • Perla Mauricio, youth member 

  • Kavya Madduri, youth member 

  • Bryann, youth member 

  • Jay George, youth member 

  • Emilia Nguyen, youth member 

  • Mariana Aguirre, youth member 

  • Aria Eckstein, youth member 

  • Donald Templeton, youth member 

  • Wyatt Barnett, youth member 

  • Reid Meyers, youth member 

  • Tameika Clayton, parent/guardian member 

  • Sarah Smith-Moore, community partner member 

  • Kristine Hadeed, community partner member 

  • Paige Kennedy, community partner member 

  • Brittany Dias, parent/guardian member 

  • Abbey Doyle, community partner member 

  • Kyra Carby, community partner member 

  • Karen MacCannell, community partner member 

  • Jake Lerner, co-founder

  • Andrew Spector, co-founder  

  • Jori Cowley, staff

  • Rachel Humphrey, staff

  • Hannah Jarman, staff 

Tulsa Changemakers is a program of Leadership Tulsa. See Leadership Tulsa's Board of Directors here.

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