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“The most important thing I've learned in Tulsa Changemakers is no matter the group, no matter the situation, everything and everyone can work together and even when working towards different things you can strive together and help each other. ” 

—  Youth Changemaker

Listen, Listen, Act


Tulsa Changemakers is a semester long, 25-session afterschool and in-school youth leadership development and action program that empowers elementary, middle, and high school students, primarily from Tulsa Public Schools and Union Public Schools, to make meaningful change in their schools and communities.

We specialize in an asset-based and youth-driven approach to community impact. Elementary, middle, and high school cohorts leverage their unique perspectives, conduct listening campaigns to identify community strengths and challenges, and work collaboratively to drive real and measurable change.


In the process, youth form meaningful relationships with influential people and organizations, build skills in leadership and design thinking, and generate momentum for success in school and beyond. Changemakers develop a high level of civic responsibility, personal agency, and connection to Tulsa.

Listen, Listen, Act

We call our curriculum Listen, Listen, Act because it takes the Changemakers through a hands-on, project-based, and experiential learning process that challenges them to listen to themselves, listen to their community, and develop the skills to take effective and measurable action in response to the listening.

  1. Listen: Reflect on your identity, strengths, values, interests, passions, and experiences.

  2. Listen: Define your community, then conduct one-on-one interviews and distribute surveys to hear about your community's strengths, challenges, and opportunities.

  3. Act: Respond to what you've learned from listening by setting goals and executing an impact project. Present your work at a public Pitch Night in front of more than 100 community members.


The curriculum is informed by promising practices from Youth Philanthropy Initiative, The Intersection, Generation Citizen, Youth Participatory Action Research, Public Achievement, National Equity Project, the Asset-Based Community Development Institute, and the Project Management Institute.


Interested in being a Changemakers Coach?

Email Rachel Humphrey at to learn more.

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