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Jake Lerner

Co-Founder and Program Director

Andrew Spector

Co-Founder and Program Director

Hannah Jarman

Program Manager

Abbey Doyle 

Program Manager, Tulsa Service Year Fellow

Coaches and Coach Mentors:

Collin Alexander 

Coach, Dolores Huerta


Tielsa Amundson​ 

Coach, Emerson


Madison Bailey 

Coach, Will Rogers Junior High


Shannon Barry

Coach, Tulsa School of Arts and Sciences


Sidney Boudreaux​ 

Coach, Phoenix Rising


Jess Butay  

Coach, Collegiate Hall


Emily Collins​  

Coach, Jenks East


Tabitha Dametz​ 

Coach, Hoover


Diamond Demery Mack​  

Coach, Mayo Demonstration Academy


Lilian Dinkins​  

Coach, Will Rogers Senior High


Maggie Dombrowski​  

Coach Mentor


Maggie Dombrowski​  

Coach, Ellen Ochoa


Victoria Ellington​  

Coach, Lindbergh


Rayma Field  

Coach, Hamilton


Victoria Gaber​ 

Coach, Grissom


Lexi Goodnough​  

Coach, Cooper


Karen Hafter 

Coach, CBE


Mikalah Hall​  

Coach, McClain


Riley Hazel  

Coach, East Central Middle


Michael Hendricks​  

Coach, Wayman Tisdale Fine Arts Academy


Toni Hill 

Coach, Patrick Henry


Jennifer Hille  

Coach, Owen


Rachel Humphrey​  

Coach, Council Oak


Cecilia Kimball​  

Coach, Nathan Hale High


Jessica Krogmann​  

Coach, Phoenix Rising


Chris Lamar​e 

Coach, Unity Learning Academy


Kirk Linam​ 

Coach, Tulsa Honor Academy Middle


Richard Mactough​ 

Coach, Kendall-Whittier


Daniel Marsh​  

Coach, College Bound Academy


Courtney McCartney​ 

Coach, Union Alt. Ed


Imaree McInnis​ 

Coach, Borroughs


Jojo Mill-Graves​  

Coach, Greenwood Leadership Academy


Hannah Mueller​  

Coach, Tulsa Honor Academy Middle - Flores


Cynthia O'Donnell 

Coach, Union Freshman Academy



Kaylisa Orman​ 

Coach, Boevers


Xiomara Pacheco​  

Coach, Central Middle


Fonda Priddy 

Coach, Felicitas Mendez International


Nuria Primo Perez​ 

Coach, Henry Zarrow International


Grace Randolph  

Coach, Grove


Emily Roiger  

Coach, KIPP


Grady Rosser​ 

Coach, Moore


Catie Sain​ 

Coach, Springdale


Brittany Samson​  

Coach, Greenwood Leadership Academy


Andrea Sanders​  

Coach, Disney


Zecharia Shrum​  

Coach, Tulsa Virtual Academy


Dakota Simmons​  

Coach, Robertson


Liz Street​ 

Coach, Monroe





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