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Listen      Listen       Act


Listen, Listen, Act Training


Supports educators and youth programming professionals in adapting our curriculum to their unique contexts (this includes schools, nonprofits, places of worship, and other youth-serving organizations).


Our curriculum, called Listen, Listen, Act, takes small groups of youth (typically around 6 per school site) through a hands-on, project-based, and experiential learning process that challenges them to listen to themselves, listen to their community, and develop the skills to take effective and measurable action in response to the listening.


Our daylong training will prepare you to create and implement a highly effective, context-specific youth leadership development and action program.

Training Outcomes

  • Learn Tulsa Changemakers’ Listen, Listen, Act process

  • Collaborate with others to adapt the curriculum to your unique context

  • Identify barriers and overcome them with the support of an intentional community

  • Leave with a step-by-step implementation plan for a youth leadership
    development and action program

Email Jake Lerner at if you're interested in the Listen, Listen, Act Training.

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