Superintendent's Student Cabinet

In partnership with Tulsa Public Schools, Tulsa Changemakers is responsible for designing and delivering Dr. Deborah Gist's Superintendent's Student Cabinet.

The Superintendent’s Student Cabinet is an opportunity to develop your leadership skills and make a meaningful impact on Tulsa Public Schools. Cabinet members connect with students from across the city, build leadership skills, dialogue with district leaders, prototype solutions to district challenges, and partner with district leaders to implement improvements. The Student Cabinet functions as a high school elective course that is for credit and will be graded.


Program Overview

  • Up to two 11th grade students from each high school in Tulsa Public Schools will be selected for the Cabinet

  • Students will be selected via an open application process based on rationale for joining the Cabinet, passion for impact, and their unique perspective

  • Cabinet members are expected to serve an 8-month term that begins October 2019 and concludes in May 2020


Application Process

  1. Apply online by 11:59PM Monday, September 16 at this link:

  2. Hear back about your application on Wednesday, September 18

  3. If you’re accepted, paperwork to engage in the program is due Wednesday, September 25



  • The program is free of cost

  • You are not required to have your own transportation

  • Must be an 11th grade student at a Tulsa Public Schools high school

  • Online application submitted by Monday, September 16



  • Have a direct role in improving education for all students in Tulsa Public Schools

  • Gain important leadership, public speaking, decision-making, and team building skills

  • Develop a network of support and mentors through exposure to leaders across Tulsa

  • Earn high school elective credit

  • Great addition to résumé and college applications



Meeting 1: Wednesday, October 2, 1-4pm

Meeting 5: Wednesday, February 12, 1-4pm

Meeting 2: Wednesday, November 13, 1-4pm

Meeting 6: Wednesday, March 4, 1-4pm

Meeting 3: Wednesday, December 11, 1-4pm

Meeting 7: Wednesday, April 8, 1-4pm

Meeting 4: Wednesday, January 15, 1-4pm

Meeting 8: Wednesday, May 13, 1-4pm

Questions? Contact Jake Lerner at or 267-432-0322


Deadline: 11:59PM Monday, September 16     Link:        


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